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Drop the Puck for Mental Health is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before to ultimately help end the stigma around mental health. While you can use our contact form or chat to get in touch with a member of our team to talk about mental health, there are several other great resources. Below, you will find resources to better the mental health of yourself and the ones you love around you.

Resources: What We Do


The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a national charity that seeks to promote and improve mental health awareness for Canadians. They consist of over 100 locations across Canada and are also affiliated with heretohelp. Moreover, Drop the Puck for Mental Health directly supports the Vancouver-Fraser Branch of the CMHA which offers insightful resources on their website. For more information, click the button below.



UBC Wellbeing is a university organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the wellbeing of all UBC students. They are structured into 6 wellbeing priorities: collaborative leadership, mental health and resilience, food & nutrition, social connection, built & natural environments, and physical activity. In its mental health & resilience strategic framework, UBC Wellbeing is striving to increase community members who feel mental health is a UBC priority, and to increase mental health literacy by 10% in students, staff, and faculty by 2025. To learn more about these amazing initiatives, click the link below.



Heretohelp strives to connect people or their loved ones with resources for both mental health and substance use. They are among seven of the top mental health and substance use organizations in British Columbia. To see what resources they offer, click the button below.



HealthLink BC is a government resource that provides information on several health topics. For their mental health resources, they provide information on mental health and COVID-19, depression, anxiety, and suicide. Moreover, they also feature a learning centre to easily find what you are looking for. For more, click the button below.

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